Hi, my name is Blue Bar, but my friends just call me Blue. I live on a fantastic island known as Formentera.

I think I was built in the 1960s, but the truth is, I don’t really remember.I was pretty small then.

What I do recall is that they placed me on a very beautiful spot on top of a dune a little taller than the others. Because of this, I have enjoyed a magnificent view of the sea and unforgettable sunsets my entire life.

When I think back on my youth, I remember lots of really fun things: The people who visited the area during that period wore lots of colours, had long hair and played an instrument that I seem to remember hearing them call a guitar.

The truth is, they were really good people. Some of them had names that I have since heard repeated many times, like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley (whose hair was a little odd), King Crimson and some fellows called Pink Floyd.



Today I still don't know if what people say about them is really true. I think that's what they call legends.Those were wonderful times.

There were always people visiting me and many different people lived with me, but they never stayed for very long.

Until 1989, when a family of three came from a country in the north known as Germany. They were called Kaya, Guenther and little Rico. From the very start, they took great care of me.

Kaya, who absolutely loved to paint, painted every part of me blue, with lots of flowers and stars. You can’t imagine how pretty she made me! And Guenther was always fixing things.

My goodness, he went around all day in German overalls repairing pipes, equipment and electrical things!

Rico helped with everything he was asked, but he was the littlest and still had to go to school.

He especially helped with the painting. In the beginning, I remember them having a really hard time because not many people came to visit me.

Some days there was not even one person! It took them a long time to get things going.

They opened winter and summer, and little by little, people who lived on Formentera began to come. Of course, when they saw how lovely I was, they started coming back more and more.

Guenther and Kaya were always doing something. They never stopped! During the day, Kaya cleaned me and Guenther went to buy more drinks for all those people.

Then at night, Kaya played music and Guenther served drinks and shots. That’s how it went every day.

They began to enjoy better times, but they didn’t last long. There were always bumps in the road, of one sort of another. One year, they even had to close me during the summer. They didn’t want to, but some men forced them to.



I thought they were going to leave, those were such hard times, but they were strong, so they stayed and forged ahead. But they did change a few things.

I still remember it like it was yesterday, the day Guenther brought in all the equipment to prepare food.

Hmmmm… What wonderful smells filled me every day! Now I was also called RESTAURANT.

The name’s a little strange, but I’ve got used to it now.

I was open day and night. Of course, just the three of them couldn't do all of that on their own any longer, and more and more people began working here: people who cooked, others who brought the food outside to the tables.

Yes, guests and customers now sat at tables and not just the bar.

One day, Kaya had a great idea: during the hours when the sun was going down, or SUNSET, she started playing really peaceful and relaxing music. People were mad for it.

The years went by and each year they continued to paint me blue and look after every part of me. People who had come to see me told their friends what a great time they had had, or what great food they had eaten, and those friends also came to see me.

And now they come every year. I watched some of them get drunk in my bar and now they have a little double they call a child (but they don’t let him or her drink).Some people have even come with cameras and filmed me, and then I’ve appeared in what they call cinemas and television. Wow!!!


You see, a lot has happened, so many things that it is almost impossible to describe them all.

The important thing is that Guenther, Kaya and Rico are still here after so many years.

Rico now works a little more than before and helps them with everything he can. They still paint me blue and everyone still goes away happy after visiting me, which is what the family has always wanted.

Now that you know a little more about my history, I’ve got to go. The sun is going down and I have to say goodbye to my friend for today.

But if you look for me, you know
where to find me
, and you are all welcome.

Best wishes,
Your friend Blue  


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